Our Story

Once upon a time, there were José Miguel and Paola – husband, wife, friends, partners, and the proud parents of Sebastián and Amanda. Eight years ago, they embarked on a shared dream, which today they fondly call HOLA MONDAY.
José Miguel, driven by boundless energy and determination, and Paola, with her passion for fashion design, illustration, and colors, joined forces with a single purpose: to create the most beautiful clothing for children. Their vision was to offer products of excellent quality, with a fantastic price, and proudly Made 100% in Colombia.
Their journey began with three fresh starts. They started with clothing for teenagers, then ventured into crafting custom-made costumes, and finally, they embraced their true calling – the lovely Monday Pajamas. In 2018, they made their first 25 Pajamas, selling them through Facebook groups and personally delivering them in Bogotá. This humble beginning opened the doors to create 50 pajamas, then 100, and by the end of the year, they crafted 500 pajamas for sale. Their growth was steady, and along the way, they met wonderful people who now form the Monday Team.
They have proudly produced and sold over 10,000 pajamas, all 100% Made in Colombia, featuring unique and exclusive designs, crafted with utmost care and love for children and families.
Today, they provide six direct jobs and more than 20 indirect jobs in Colombia. A beautiful team that gives their all each day to ensure customers are incredibly happy with their purchases. They are a family that embraces mistakes as opportunities to learn, celebrates achievements with joy, and views each day as a step towards becoming the best they can be.
Working hand in hand with talented Colombian suppliers – fabric makers, cutters, printers, sewing machine operators, and many more – they all share the same mission: to support their families, boost the economy, and work with immense pride and responsibility, creating the most beautiful clothing for children, with excellent quality, at the best price, for all of Colombia.
To each and every one who has been part of this dream and every triumph, they extend heartfelt gratitude. They are wholeheartedly convinced they have the best customers in the world!
And so, the journey continues, with a shared dream and an unwavering commitment to creating magic and joy through Monday, one beautiful pajama at a time. 🌈✨

(This is the Dream Team, from right to left Adriana, Carolina, Jose, Paola, Belkis and Faviola)